How will S & H Interiorscapes choose the plants for my space?

One of our experienced designers will take a tour of your location or review your site's furniture plan to assist you in selecting appropriate locations, perfect plants and decorative containers to complement your space.

From where does S & H purchase their plants?

We receive weekly shipments of high quality foliage directly from our supplier in Florida. Seasonal flowers are generally sourced locally along with sources from Canada, Florida and Oregon.

How does S & H Interiorscapes price projects?

Our proposal will include purchase prices for all our plant and container suggestions, along with maintenance and guarantee pricing for an initial one-year contract. Our proposals include recommendations for plants and decorative containers that are appropriate for your budget and aesthetic needs.

How often will S & H service my plants?

We offer weekly maintenance programs that even include holiday weeks. Maintenance is always provided by trained, uniformed S & H technicians.

How long will it take S & H to complete my project?

Depending on the complexity of the order, project lead time varies between one to four weeks. We work quickly and efficiently to ensure that your project is completed to our specifications and your satisfaction.

Does S & H issue a guarantee?

We guarantee all the plants included in our maintenance contract. We replace, without charge, any plants that die or become terminally ill. The guarantee excludes plants dying due to events beyond our control, such as extreme heat or cold, theft, vandalism or lack of access.

Does S & H ever use pesticides?

Although S & H maintains a pesticide license and has an individual on staff that is certified to teach pesticide application, we prefer to use natural cleaning solutions and other environmentally friendly products. Occasionally our team will use environmentally sensitive insect control programs, to eliminate harmful insects in their early development stages. The beneficial insects are harmless to people, plants and animals.

Who will be maintaining my plants?

Uniformed S & H team members prune, clean and care for your plants. Our technicians have an average of five years experience and ongoing training is consistently provided.

Is S & H Interiorscapes insured?

We are fully insured and covered by general liability, automobile liability, workers’ compensation and employers insurances.