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Tropical Plants in Atrium
Jun 30, 2020

S&H Interiorscapes, Inc. recently completed a total refresh of a customer's atrium in the suburbs of the Greater Philadelphia Area. The plant design was completely overhauled to give the space a clean, modern feel. Shades of green from pothos, arboricola and sansevieria add visual interest and give the feeling of being outside. Each planter bed is accented with ficus lyrata (commonly known as fiddle leaf figs). Seasonal plants, which are rotated throughout the year, add pops of color.

Living green plant wall in Philadelphia office
Aug 12, 2019

Demand for live plant walls in the Philadelphia area is growing. Companies increasingly appreciate the value of bringing their spaces to life with office plants. Green walls, made up of a grouping of live plants, create beautiful, living art installations.