Allow common areas to be uncommon. This simple addition of plants and foliage to any communal area can provide the comfort you need to utilize the space for impromptu meetings and casual conversation.


Express your creativity. Let your lobby express your style and vision. Use innovative plant decor and unique container selections to obtain your intended entryway aesthetic.


Breathe fresh. A healthy office is a productive office. Upgrade your environment and improve the overall health of your company by placing living plants throughout your building.


Enhance your first impression. Furnishing your reception area with plants, flowers and stunning containers is the simplest and most effective way to showcase your company's professionalism.

Office Complex

Make your tenants and guests feel at home. The beauty of live plants will add softness and elegance to the hard lines of corporate buildings, office furniture and work spaces.

Mall Interior

Set the mood for your shoppers. by creating a lush, elegant environmental shopping experience throughout your mall, every shopper will feel relaxed, comfortable and valued.